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Web Design Services

A web site is the online presence for your business and is often the first thing that your customers will judge you on. It's important that a quality and fully functional web site be available to your customers at all times.


A client once asked us, "Why do I need a big fancy web site"? We were baffled as we asked him why he had a big fancy sign outside above his store and a full page advertisement in the Mint Magazine running each month! Your web site portrays your company's image and is a critical extension of any and every business on the globe.

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Businesses should always search for and secure a web site domain before they announce a new project. New companies should also take their web domain into account before they commit to the new business or corporation name. These are all services that DNS can easily provide for you as a complimentary service.

Our websites are created to meet your online business goals; whether they're just to inform the public about your brick & mortar store, or to have a fully functional eCommerce site. There are many web design services in the marketplace but you'll quickly find that our designers don't just plug your company into a template.  We'll customize your design so it will generate new business and increase awareness with the type of customers you want. DNS will help you every step of the way to ensure you receive a highly effective website.

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