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Server & Network Support

is one of our main focuses at Dynamic Networking Solutions and it's what we've built our reputation behind. From being one of the first company's in the city to implement WISE Thin Client technology to our clients to our latest remote access end-user support, we are constantly pushing our envelope. We take personal pride with each company's network we work with and constantly double check our implementation plans to assure that the current plan is the correct plan. We constantly ask ourselves: "If the smartest IT guy on the planet were watching us... would this be what he was doing"?


Network Support

Setting up an IT infrastructure which minimizes downtime and established a stable networking environment is a crucial aspect of all small businesses. Our IT services cover everything a small business needs to setup and maintain an efficient networking environment.
Data Network Wiring
Voice Network Wiring & System Sales

Server Support

As computers converge with every facet of your business environment, it becomes important to have an ally with the knowledge and know-how to handle your infrastructure and to keep your business and your bottom dollar on track.

Final Combination

With a full understanding of how a clean reliable network backbone integrates with your servers and then finally down to your end users, DNS has the ability to create the fastest and most reliable network you never even thought was possible.
Audio/Video Network




  • Is your network slow or unresponsive?
  • Are your servers becoming increasingly unstable?
  • Would you like secure wireless access for notebooks or temporary workstations?
  • Can you connect to your office network and email remotely from home, when traveling, or while away from your office?
  • Is connectivity to branch offices stable?
  • Is your network secure?
  • Are you just not sure?

    It's important to answer all of these questions concerning your network and computer environment before things get out of hand. Most system problems that might seem overwhelming to you can usually be handled easily if we confront them before they fail.


Most small businesses cannot afford a Fortune 500 IT staff with the various knowledge sets - not to mention the headcount - needed to adequately support today's complex computer and network systems. DNS can provide the business owner a complete IT staff, armed with the latest monitoring, management and support tools, for less cost than hiring a single IT professional.