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We provide qualified technicians around the clock at lower hourly bill rates than any of our local competitors.

DNS Companies is an IT outsourcing company that provides reliable and affordable computer network support to small and medium sized businesses. We provide data/phone support, remote end-user support and web site design services. DNS Companies is based in Jacksonville, Florida and has been serving clients for over 10 years with a nearly 100% retention rate.

DNS Companies

We're different from other technology companies you will run across around our city. We communicate in simple to understand terms and make certain you know exactly what we are doing at all times. We're frequently asked to take over service from other IT companies because business owners have found that we know better, less expensive and more reliable ways of doing things that they never even knew existed. We see all situations and bring advantages to you which you may not have considered.




IT Consulting & Outsourcing Services

  • REMOTE COMPUTER SUPPORT - Saves thousands yearly!
  • Building networks for small business (1-75 users)
  • Implementing Windows Server solutions
  • Provide Windows XP/Win7/Win8 and Windows 10 desktop & network workstation support both in-house and from remote administration
  • Managing and installing network security and firewalls
  • On-site computer hardware & phone system troubleshooting and repair
  • Configuring secure wireless networks
  • Web site design from concept to full implementation
  • Server and end-user computer sales - Less expensive and better quality than Dell© when compaired side-by-side!
  • Full color brochure and business card design service which can tie in with your new web site (includes conceptual layout, printing and delivery)
  • Implementing disaster recovery data-backup solutions
  • Terminal Services & VPN secure remote access solutions
  • Software application deployment and troubleshooting
  • Phone system programming and moving employee extensions
  • Paperless solutions and FTP document scanning
  • QuickBooks© consulting
  • Data recovery from corruptions & deletion
  • Virus, Trojan and spyware removal
  • And much more...

A successful business is backed By Powerhouse support team

DNS Difference

We have expertise across a wide range of technologies which will assist you in making the correct networking choices for the long term. We have encountered hundreds of unique situations and every one of these situations has resulted in powerful knowledge that will be passed on to you.


Outsourcing your IT duties is more cost effective than maintaining a full time in-house staff which can become isolated from new technologies. Many in-house staff become "comfortable" with the Status Quo and often surpass newer, better and less expensive technologies. With DNS you will get "over qualified" high level back-end network administrators who can understand and communicate the best answers to your IT questions and concerns.


Our Microsoft certified (MCSE) computer consultants help Jacksonville and surrounding area businesses every day with their critical IT outsourcing, consulting and technology needs.


  • FREE network evaluation & recommendations to meet your company's technological needs.
  • FREE service time for referrals.
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) technicians.
  • Remote access available which saves time and money by connecting to your troubled systems any time and from any place.
  • With the power of a full service IT company backing every decision that's made, we can be sure we're getting it right the first time.
  • Server Support


    DNS Companies technicians are available to conduct free comprehensive site surveys and technology evaluations five days a week. Even during this free evaluation we will constantly be giving you our advice to the best solutions for what we see and help you avoid mistakes we see others in similar situations making. So let our experts bring the benefits of an advanced communications network into your office to begin a partnership that will last long after our initial consultation.

    DNS Companies
    2950 Halcyon Lane Suite 403 Jacksonville, FL 32223
    Phone: 9045451095